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      TEL: 0086-577-27863300
      Mobile: 0086-13506674830
      E-mail: chziri@chziri.com
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      ZVF300 Series High Performance vector control frequency inverter
      ZVF300 series high Performance vector control frequency inverter is ZIRI Electrical developed the new type frequency inerter . General type and fan/pump type are in one model . support Modbus communication protocol. can be widely used to control and drive the speed of induction motors and synchronous motor . superior performance, abundant functions, easy operation, high accountability and a complete range of specifications.Can fully meet the individual needs of customers in the industry.
      Single phase, 220V ± 20%, 0.4 to 3.7kW
      Three phase, 380V ± 20%, 0.75 to 630kW
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      ZVF300 Series inverters are high performance open loop vector inverters for controlling asynchronous AC induction motors and permanent synchronous motors.

      1. Output frequency :0-600Hz.
      2. Multiple password protection mode
      3. Remote control operation keypad, convenient for remote control.
      4. V/F curve &multi-inflection point setting, flexible configuration .
      5. Keyboard parameter copy function. easy to set the parameters for multi-inverters .
      6. Wide industry application . to expand special function according to different industries.
      7. Multiple hardware and software protection and optimized hardware for anti-interference technology.
      8. Multi-step speed and wobble frequency running (external terminal 15 steps speed control).
      9. Unique adaptive control technology . Auto current limiting and voltage limiting and under-voltage restrain .
      10. Optimized external installation and internal structure and independent air flue design , fully enclosed electrical space design .
      11. Output automatic voltage regulation function .(AVR),automatically adjust the output pulse width . to eliminate the  influence  of the grid change on load .
      12. Built-in PID regulation function to facilitate the  realization of closed loop control of the temperature ,pressure and flow . and reduce the cost of the control system .
      13. Standard MODBUS communication protocol . easy to achieve the communication between PLC,IPC and other industrial equipments.

      Input Voltage (V)

      Output Voltage(V)

      Power Range (kW)

      Single phase 220V± 20%

      Three phase 0~Input Voltage


      Three phase 380V ± 20%

      Three phase 0~Input Voltage


      Overload capacity :150% 1 minute; 180% 1 second;200% transient protection

        Inverter Model Power
      Dimension (mm) Figure
      H H1 W W1 D d
      ZVF300-G0R4S2MD 0.4 2.4 185 175 118 108 170 Ф4 Fig.1
      ZVF300-G0R7S2MD 0.75 7.5
      ZVF300-G1R5S2MD 1.5 7.0 185 175 118 108 190 Ф4
      ZVF300-G2R2S2MD 2.2 10
      ZVF300-G0R7T4MD 0.75 2.5 185 175 118 108 170 Ф4 Fig.1
      ZVF300-G1R5T4MD 1.5 3.7
      ZVF300-G2R2T4MD 2.2 5.0
      ZVF300-G3R7/P5R5T4MD 3.7/5.5 9.0/13 215 205 145 135 193 Ф4
      ZVF300-G5R5/P7R5T4MD 5.5/7.5 13/17
      ZVF300-G7R5/P011T4MD 7.5/11 17/25 265 253 185 174 215 Ф5.5
      ZVF300-G011/P015T4MD 11/15 25/33
      ZVF300-G015/P018T4MD 15/18.5 33/37 380 360 220 140 230 Ф6 Fig.2
      ZVF300-G018/P022T4MD 18.5/22 37/45
      ZVF300-G022/P030T4M 22/30 45/60 460 443 260 177 268 Ф6
      ZVF300-G030/P037T4M 30/37 60/75
      ZVF300-G037/P045T4M 37/45 75/90 620 603 265 182 300 Ф8
      ZVF300-G045/P055T4M 45/55 90/110
      ZVF300-G055/P075T4M 55/75 110/150
      ZVF300-G075/P090T4M 75/90 150/176 720 702 365 240 360 Ф9
      ZVF300-G090/P110T4M 90/110 176/210
      ZVF300-G110/P132T4M 110/132 210/253
      ZVF300-G132/P160T4M 132/160 253/300 1190   493   390   Fig.3
      ZVF300-G160/P185T4M 160/185 300/340
      ZVF300-G185/P200T4M 185/200 340/380
      ZVF300-G200/P220T4M 200/220 380/420 1600   660   415  
      ZVF300-G220/P250T4M 220/250 420/470
      ZVF300-G250/P280T4M 250/280 470/520
      ZVF300-G280/P315T4M 280/315 520/600
      ZVF300-G315/P350T4M 315/350 600/640 1750   750   470  
      ZVF300-G350/P400T4M 350/400 640/690
      ZVF300-G400/P450T4M 400/450 690/790
      ZVF300-G450/P500T4M 450/500 790/860 1900   950   520     Fig.4
      ZVF300-G500/P560T4M 500/560 860/950
      ZVF300-G560/P630T4M 560/630 950/1100
      ZVF300-G630T4M 630 1100


      Item Description


      Rated voltage& Frequency

      Single /Three phase 220VAC . Three phase 380V.50Hz/60Hz

      Allowable Voltage range

      Voltage fluctuate range:-20%~+20%
      Voltage unbalance rate:<3%;Frequency fluctuation:≤5%


      Rated voltage

      three phase 0~  input AC voltage



      Overload capacity

      Type G:150% 1minute,180% 1 second,200% transient protection
      Type P:120% 1minute,150% 1 second,180% transient protection

      Control Function

      Modulation mode

      Optimal space voltage vector PWM modulation

      Control mode

      Sensorless  vector control (SVC), V/F control . Torque control

      Frequency accuracy

      Digital setting: Max. Frequency ×±0.01%
      Analog setting:Max. Frequency×±0.2%

      Frequency resolution

      Digital setting :0.01HZ;
      Analog setting :Max. Frequency x0.1%.

      Starting frequency


      Torque lift

      Automatic torque lift: To lift the torque automatically according to the output current.
      Manual torque lift, Range: 0.1—30.0%

      Slip compensation

      Setting range:0~150%,The inverter output frequency can be auto-regulated within this range according to the motor load, so as to reduce the speed variation of the motor due to load fluctuation.


      Minutes/Seconds can be selected as time unit .0.1~3600S can be set in sequence .

      Carrier frequency


      Jog function

      Jog frequency range:0.01~600.00Hz,
      Jog acceleration /deceleration time 0.1~3600.0S can be set.

      V/F curve

      1:linear curve;2:quadratic;3:user defined V/F curve

      Control Function

      Automatic energy-saving operation

      Auto optimize V/F curve according to the load changes to realize the energy saving operation.

      Auto voltage regulation (AVR)

      When the network voltage changes, it can regulate PWM output automatically to maintain constant voltage.

      Built-in PID

      This can form a convenient closed-loop control system (CLCS)and is applicable to pressure control, flow control and other process control  .

      Operation Function

      Operating command

      Operation panel control ,external terminal control and COM control

      Frequency setting

      Keypad potentiometer setting , operation panel▲▼setting,. external terminal UP/DOWN setting, analog voltage signal or external potentiometer setting , analog current signal setting .terminal combination setting ,485 COM setting and so on.

      Input Signal

      Forward/Reverse signal、multi-speed signal 、 fault signal 、
      reset signal etc.

      Output signal

      Programmable relay、 open collector output 、 Fault  signal output.

      Multi-function analog and digital output terminal

      This can realize the output of frequency current and other physical quantity by output 0-10V or 0-20mA DC signal and 0-10KHz digital signal output.

      Braking function

      Dynamic braking

      With an external braking resistor, the maximum braking torque may reach 100%.

      DC Braking

      This can be selected when the motor starts or stops with the action frequency of 0-20Hz,action current level of 0-100% and actuation time of 0-30sec., which can be set in sequence.

      Other Function

      Skip frequency、Jog function、 Counter 、Rotation speed tracking、 Momentary power loss restart 、Frequency upper/lower limiting、 Acceleration/ Deceleration mode can be adjusted 、Frequency meter and Voltmeter output 、Multi-speed/ program running 、Two wire mode/ three wire mode control 、Wobble frequency control、 Multi-function input terminal selection 、 Fault auto reset、RS485 serial communication .

      Protection Function

      Input phase loss protection、 Over current protection 、Overload protection、 Over voltage protection 、Under voltage protection、 Over heat protection ect.

      LED display

      Can display the real time running status of the inverter , monitor parameter .function parameter and fault code and other information of the inverter.

      Matching parts

      Braking assembly, remote keypads and wire connection , communication panel .


      Place to be used

      Indoor location free from direct exposure to sun light, high humidity or dew condensation, high levels of dust, corrosive gas, explosive gas, inflammable gas, oil mist, salt and etc


      Below 1000 M

      Ambient Temperature

      -10 C to +45 C (Bare Machine: -10 C to+50 C)


      20%-90% RH without dew condensation



      Storage temperature



      Protection  class


      Cooling mode

      Forced air cooling

      Installation mode

      Wall mounted or floor-type actuator

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